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Charges of Financial Broker Services for Business Customers

Charges of Financial Broker Services for Business Customers:


Commission fee for mediation in purchase and sale of government securities: 

Amount according to nominal value of GS, LTLCommission fee from the transaction value, %min. LTL
Below 99 9990,1020
From 100 000 to 499 9990,05 
From 500 000  to 999 9990,03 
Above 1 000 0000,02 


Commission fee for services provided by financial broker department while
performing orders from clients to buy/sell securities (shares)
in Vilnius Stock Exchange: 
Transaction amount, LTLCommission fee from the transaction value, % min. LTL
Below 9 9990,920
From 10 000 to 19 9990,75 
From 20 000 to 49 9990,5 
From 50 000 to 99 9990,4 
From 100 000 to 499 9990,3 
From  500 000 to 999 9990,2 
Above 1 000 0000,05 


Tariffs for administration security accounts and consulting:


Tariff, LTL

min. LTL
Accounting of issuer’s securities 
Accounting of issuer’s securities: accounting of movement of shares, issue of
extracts from securities’ accounts,
preparation of list of shareholders for issuer
As agreed600 
Consulting and issue of securities  
Preparation of securities’ issue memorandum for the issuerAs agreed1000 
Preparation of securities’ issue prospectus for the issuer  As agreed1500
Registration of securities’ issue of the issuer in the Securities Commission200 
Distribution of securities of the issuerAs agreed2% 
Opening of general securities accounts of the issuer in central depository
of securities
Collection and presentation of information orderedAs agreed 
Preparation of statements
Preparation of yearly statement of the issuer100 
Preparation of half-yearly statement of the issuer600 
Preparation of quarterly statement of the issuer350 


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