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Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund (ŽŪPGF)

Žemės Ūkio Paskolų Garantijų Fondas, UAB Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund (ŽŪPGF) is a financial institution, which provides guarantees to credit institutions for credits granted to:

• Agricultural entities;
• Economic entities, which are engaged into activities alternative to agriculture, located in villages or towns with no more than 6 thousand inhabitants and agricultural land holdings and which are registered in the Agricultural and Rural Business Register;
• Enterprises processing agricultural production;
• Lithuanian Agricultural and Food Products Market Regulation Agency;
• Rural communities and local action groups;
• Education, study, and vocational training institutions.


Terms and conditions of the guarantee:

• Amount of the guarantee can be up to 70% of outstanding credit amount;
• To young farmers (under 40) and agricultural entities, which insured their crop fields, amount of the guarantee can be up to 80% of outstanding credit amount;
• The credit guarantees are provided for:
 - credits intended for the financing of investment projects;
 - credits or credit lines intended for the procurement of short-term assets;
 • Guarantee period is not limited and depends on the term of guaranteed credit; 
 • The maximum amount of the guaranteed credit: Eur 1 160 000.

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