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Bill is a standard form security, which is issued in accordance with the provisions of Law for Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes and on the basis of which a maker of the promissory note agrees to pay the definite amount the person named in the promissory note.


We offer to use the updated bill service and get quick business financing without collateral. The bills are purchased from new and existing clients of the Bank for business development and in order to balance cash flows from operating activity.


Funding under the bill is provided within 5 working days after submission of all the required documents.


Conditions for acquisition of a bill:

• Period of acquisition of a bill: up to 6 months, depending on cash flow generated from operations or a specific source of repayment (e.g., contractual payments);
• Amount: up to Eur 100 000 (in exceptional cases it may be higher), but no more than 50% of the average turnover for the last 6 months. This restriction can not be applied when there is a specific source of repayment of the bill.
• Interest rate: under a separate agreement;
• Source of repayment of the bill:
  – proceeds of activity, subject to the restriction that average monthly turnover should be twice the amount of the bill;
  – one-off proceeds, subject to the restriction that these funds should be clear indicated as a source of repayment;
• Collateral: bill is acquired without collateral. A guarantor (guarantors) of a bill shall be an individual and/or a legal entity, managing real estate without any limitations.


Makers of the bill may be: 

• Legal entities;
• Individuals who have registered farm business.


How to sell your bill to the Bank?

If you have decided to sell a bill to the Bank, please call the information line and arrange for a meeting with a Bank specialist or fill in the application for a bill  and arrive at the nearest Bank's branch, customer service center or subdivision for a consultation. Please be sure to bring the documents indicated in the application.


Fill in the application to sell your bill (in lithuanian)






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