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Credit for Purchase of New Agricultural Machinery

This credit is intended for purchase of new agricultural machinery, when during the first year of using the credit, from the payments granted by NPA (the National Payment Agency) and (or) other payments, i.e., VAT, grants, etc. can be covered such part of the credit that the next year’s the ratio between the credit balance and agricultural machinery pledged to the Bank would not exceed 40 %.

  • Currency - euro.
  • Amount: up to 90% of value of the acquired new agricultural machinery.
  • Collateral: pledge of the purchased agricultural machinery. The agricultural machinery shall be valued at cost. Valuation of the property is not required.
  • Credit period: up to 7 years.
  • Repayment of the credit shall be in accordance with the client's cash flows, but at least twice a year.


How to receive a credit for purchase of agricultural machinery?

If you have decided to take a credit, please call the information line and arrange for a meeting with a Bank specialist or fill in the application and arrive at the nearest Bank's branch, customer service center or subdivision for a consultation. Please be sure to bring the documents indicated in the credit application.
Fill in the credit application (in lithuanian)



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