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The fee for preparing the credit agreement

 from 0.3 % of the amount

A fee for the investment project analysis is charged before the adoption of the financing decision. After the signing of the credit contract, the fee shall be included in the credit contract preparation fee

50 % of the credit contract preparation fee, min. Eur 90

The fee for amending the credit agreement

from Eur 90

Commitment fee on undrawn credit

from 0.75 % of annual interest on the undrawn amount

Issue of statements (consents, permissions, confirmations, etc.) related to the credit agreement

Eur 15

Assessment of mortgaged property

under a separate agreement


Bill charges


One-off fee for execution of a bill

 from 0.2 %, min. Eur 70

Bill discount

as agree

Protest of bill

 Eur 150


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