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Investment Credits

kreditas uz uzstata

Investment credit is intended to finance long-term investment or future business expansion:

  • for acquisition of movable and immovable property;
  • for funding of construction works;
  • for technology upgrades;
  • for funding of other business development projects.


Terms and conditions of long-term credit:

• The amount: the minimum/maximum amount is not established and depends on amount of the investment project, customer's participation in the project using own funds, financial possibilities to repay the credit, and provided collateral;
• Credit period: the investment credit may be granted up to 7 years. In exceptional cases, large-scale investment projects can be financed for up to 10 years;
• The investment credit is granted in euro;
• A variable interest rate is applied for investment credits. The variable interest rate is set according to EURIBOR basic interest rates, to which the bank interest margin is added. The interest rate is changed every 6 months;
• The credit shall be repaid in equal or different instalments in accordance with the credit repayment schedule agreed by the customer and the Bank depending on your cash flows, seasonality, and other sources of funding (e.g., aid received);
• The acceptable for you credit deferment may be determined up to date of implementation of the investment project.;
• The collateral may be the mortgage of real estate or other property or the guarantees provided by Žemės Ūkio Paskolų Garantijų Fondas, UAB (Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund (ŽŪPGF) or Investicijų ir Verslo Garantijos, UAB (Investment and Business Guarantees (INVEGA). The real estate or personal property offered for mortgage must be evaluated by independent property evaluators.


How to receive an investment credit? 

If you have decided to take a credit, please call the information line and arrange for a meeting with a Bank specialist or fill in the application and
arrive at the nearest Bank's branch, customer service centreor subdivision for a consultation. Please be sure to bring the documents indicated in the credit application.
Fill in the credit application (PDF format)
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Fill in the credit application (WORD format)


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