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Account Crediting

Account credit is a form of credit, where the customer is granted the right to have negative account balance under the terms and conditions of the account credit agreement concluded between the Bank and the customer.


Account credit is intended for bank customers, which have been operating for at least 2 years and are constantly making payments via bank accounts. 


Why choose the account credit ?

  • No need to submit any applications to the bank in order to use or repay the account credit before maturity: if your account balance is not sufficient to make a payment order, the required amount will be lent automatically by setting the negative account balance;
  • After you or your business partners transfer the funds to the account, the negative account balance will be automatically covered;
  • The interest will be calculated only from the used amount of the account credit;
  • Mortgage is not required. 


Terms and conditions of account credit:

• Account credit period: the agreement for using the account credit shall be signed for the period of 1 year; 
• Account credit negative balance repayment period: the negative account balance must be repaid in 30 calendar days when the account balance, became negative. In individual cases, this period may be up to 60 days; 
• The account credit is granted in EUR and USD;
• Account credit limit: depends on the payments of the customer made via bank accounts. Maximum account credit limit is set at 40 % of the average turnover of the last six months in the customer’s accounts: 
• Variable interest rate is applied and calculated only from the used amount    of the account credit limit; 
• Collateral: no mortgage is required.


How to receive account credit?

If you have decided to take a credit, please call the information line and arrange for a meeting with a Bank specialist or fill in the application and arrive at the nearest Bank's branch, customer service centre or subdivision for a consultation. Please be sure to bring the documents indicated in the credit application.
Fill in the credit application (in lithuanian)

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