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Deposit Account

depositiine saskaita

Deposit (trust) account is opened only for statutory business customers for safeguarding and management of funds entrusted to the business customers by the third persons, where the funds remain the property of the third persons. In order to open a deposit (trust) account, the legal entities, which may keep the funds of third persons as deposit or trust in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania (lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, state institutions, financial brokerage enterprises, banks, and other credit institutions) must have a bank account, opened in their name, and if they do not have one, they must open a bank account first.


If you have a deposit account, you may:

  • transfer funds to other bank accounts;
  • receive funds in euro and foreign currency from other banks;
  • deposit cash in the account;
  • withdraw cash from the account;
  • Perform other financial operations.


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