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E-trading: worth using as it is free, convenient, fast, safe, flexible, and simple.


Please click the required logo and you will be directed to the chosen e-store. After choosing an item or shopping cart, it may be paid via Medicinos Bankas internet banking system (IBS) free of charge (enter your user ID, passwords and confirm the payment).


Currently, the goods and services of the following companies may be purchased by paying via Medicinos Bankas internet banking system (IBS).


Bus, airline tickets, trips (12)


Clothes, footwear and other accessories (14)




Domestic appliances, computer hardware, and other equipment (13)





Group discounts (18)






Utilities, telecommunications, and other services (3)


State institutions (3)


Other (33)








If you wish to conclude and agreement with Medicinos Bankas or have any questions, please write at [email protected].


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