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E-signature and M-signature


Medicinos Bankas allows logging in to the internet banking system (IBS) from
your e-mail and confirming the transactions.


E-signature is a secure and reliable means of online personal identification,
which allows relating the information presented online with the undersigned
and establishing the identity of the undersigned. E-signature has the same
equal power as a document signed by hand.


Worth knowing:

1. It is an alternative means of authentication to PIN and TAN code cards.
2. Activating the e-signature in Medicinos Bankas and using it is FREE. 
3. Activation is very simple: log in to IBS, mark your consent in the top menu
     Settings/M-signature and E-signature, save the changes and log in to IBS
     once again. 
4. Universal means of authentication: used not only by Medicinos Bankas, but
     also by other credit institutions when submitting the information and
     reports to State Social Insurance Fund Board, Centre of Registers, State Tax
     Inspectorate, and other institutions.


One of the following means of e-signature may be used in Medicinos Bankas:



•  No additional scanners or devices are necessary in order to use the
    mobile e-signature. 
•  The mobile phone SIM card must be replaced by a special one issued
    by mobile operators Omnitel, UAB, Bitė Lietuva, UAB, Tele2, UAB (more
    information about m-signature of Omnitel, UAB here, Bitė Lietuva,
    UAB here, and TELE2, UAB here).
    Medicinos Bankas recommends using the mobile electronic signature ­ it 
    is a convenient and cheap method of logging in and signing the documents in
    the IBS!


WHY is it beneficial?

•  Safe: Security of two levels: phone PIN number and special authentication
    PIN number (sPIN) issued by the mobile operator (if the mobile phone is
    lost, no one will be able use the signature); 
 Convenient: Always on hand: no need to carry PIN/TAN cards around;
 Cheap: Currently, obtaining a special SIM card in Tele2, UAB is free and
    there is no charge for the service of m-signature; in Omnitel, UAB it only cost
    Eur 0,01 (LTL 0.02) and there is no charge for the service of m-signature; in Bitė Lietuva,
    UAB the connection fee is Eur 4,34 (LTL 15) and the service of m-signature cost Eur 0,29 (LTL 1)
    per month for an unlimited number of transactions; 
 Fast: Logging in to IBS is as fast as using PIN/TAN cards;
 Simple: Having a mobile phone and remembering the special authentication
    code (sPIN) is enough.



E-signature is generated using one of the following means:
• Personal identity card with a certificate.
• USB key of the Centre of Registers.
 • Smart card of the Centre of Registers.
Note. To use personal ID cards and smart cards of the Centre of Registers
it is necessary to purchase a reader of smart cards connected to the computer,
which is available in computer stores at a low cost.
WHY is it beneficial?
•  Safe: Protected by a password known only to the holder of the means of
    e-signature. If the password is not known, the means cannot be used
    (PIN may be changed at any time using special software). 
 Convenient: The same means allows logging in to IBS and confirming
    the transactions and filling in the declarations for State Tax Inspectorate,
    signing the statements for State Social Insurance Fund Board in EDAS
    system, logging in to the portal, signing electronic documents,
 Fast and simple: The process of logging in and confirming the transactions
    is simple and is very similar to the standard usage of PIN/TAN card code.


More information on the use of e-signature in IBS is available here. 
(in lithuanian language)


More information on the use of fixed-signature in IBS is available here. 
(in lithuanian language)

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