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Tips for Safe Use

To protect yourself against the possibility of unauthorized use of your IBS
authorization and potential damage, we recommend observing the following
safety requirements:


1. Do not disclose your user ID, password, PIN/TAN codes or e-signature
     passwords to anyone.

2. In the event of threat, when the user ID, password, PIN/TAN codes become
     known to third persons, immediately notify the Bank in writing.

3. Keep your user ID, password, PIN/TAN code cards in the places not accessible
     to other persons and secret from third persons.

4. Keep your user ID, password,
     PIN/TAN code cards separately, because having the information of only one
     means of security, accessing the IBS will not be possible.

5. We recommend memorizing the user ID and passwords and not making notes
     on PIN/TAN cards or slips of paper.

6. Always log out by clicking Log out at the top right corner of the page.


Attention! We recommend using the e-signature as the means of authorization as it
is recognized as the safest means of logging in to the IBS and confirming the


The bank ensures that if the e-banking service is not used for 15 minutes, the
session is terminated. In order to use the service again, one must enter all log-in
data once again. 

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