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Factoring Charges

Factoring charges

Annual interest

As agreed

Fee for administration of factoring agreement

0.75 % of factoring limit
amount + VAT

Account administration fee

0.5 % of every invoice amount
+ VAT min. LTL 10

Amendment of conditions of factoring agreement on
initiative of customer

0.5 % of the balance amount
+ VAT min. LTL 300

Debtor's risk rating:


 - Lithuania-registered companies

LTL 90 + VAT

 - foreign-registered companies

LTL 190 + VAT

Concluding the agreement for transferring the debt to
another entity

0.5 % of the loan amount,
min. LTL 300

Other related financial services and contract (agreement)
and replacement

0.1 % of the credit amount,
min. LTL 300

Sending the notices of failure to fulfil the obligations under
the faktoring agreement by mail

LTL 25 each

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