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Medicinos Bankas provides services of leasing (financial leasing): it buys an object of your selection and transfers it for your use. After you pay all the leasing instalments, the object shall become your property.


Financial leasing is a type of leasing, where the Lessee pays the Bank the full property acquisition price, interest and VAT over the lease period, and becomes the owner of the property at the end of the lease period.

Sale and leaseback is a type of leasing, where the Lessee sells his/her property to the Bank and repurchases it on the basis of a leasing contract, i.e. the seller of the leasing object and the Lessee are the same person.

Leasing with residual value is a type of leasing, where the Lessee covers part of the property price specified in the leasing contract over the lease period, while the remaining part of the property price is to be paid by the Lessee along with the last installment; the remaining part of leasing is paid within the agreed period or the property is repurchased by a third party, i.e. redeemer.


Advantages of leasing:

  • When buying an object by leasing you save your current assets;
  • You can acquire and start using an object after paying only a portion of its value;
  • Mortgage of any additional assets is not required;
  • You can select agreement period, regularity of instalments and amount of the initial instalment. 


Objects of leasing:

  • Tractors, freight and special vehicles, semi - trailers, trailers;
  • Cars;
  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Production technological and medical equipment;
  • Other.


Leasing conditions

  • Agreement period: up to 72 months;
  • Down payment is from 10 % of purchased estate value.


Additional conditions

  • At the end of the lease agreement, the passenger cars and agricultural machinery shall be no older than 15 years, and freight/special vehicles shall be no older than 18 years;
  • The minimum amount is Eur 3 000;
  • The property must be insured in insurance company acceptable to the Medicinos Bankas.


How to conclude a leasing agreement?

If you have decided to take a leasing, please call the information line  and arrange for a meeting with a Bank specialist, fill in the application (inlithuanian) (application for farmers, agricultural companies) and arrive at the nearest Bank's branch, customer service division or subdivision for a consultation.

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