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Periodical Payment Orders


Periodic payment means a customer’s order to the bank to transfer the funds from
his/her account to another (own or another person’s) account at indicated time
intervals and with indicated details. This means of payment is often used for loan
repayment, payment of leasing instalments and insurance premiums, saving
(supplementing a cumulative deposit or consumer deposit), as a fixed amount is
being periodically transferred.


Not only a fixed amount may be transferred periodically, but also the entire account
balance, a percentage of the account balance or the amount exceeding your
selected account balance limit.


A periodical payment may be created in IBS after making a payment. You only need
to check “Enter time interval information” and select the payment frequency
(for more information see Help).


You may also apply for this service in the nearest branch, customer service centre
or subdivision  and fill in an application.  If you do not have a bank account, be sure
to bring an ID document to the bank division.

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