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Consumer Deposits

Consumer deposit is a flexible and convenient saving method, since amount of the deposit can be at any time increased with additional contributions and a portion of the accumulated amount or a part of the deposit can be cashed out during a deposit period without losing interests.


Conditions of consumer deposits:

•  Consumer deposits are accepted in euros and USD;
•  Minimum period of consumer deposit is 6 months;
•  Maximum period of consumer deposit is 25 months;
•  Minimum amount of consumer deposit is 30 000 Eur or 30 000 USD;
•  Up to 15 % of deposit amount can be taken from consumer deposit account during a deposit period, but not more frequently than once per 30 days (from the day of repayment of the last portion of deposit), and the balance cannot be lower than the minimum amount of consumer deposit;
•  Starting amount of consumer deposit shall not be lower than the minimum amount of consumer deposit;
•  Amount of consumer deposit can be at any time increased with additional contributions;
•  Minimum amounts of additional contributions: 30 Eur or 30 USD;
•  Minimum amount of consumer deposit and amount of additional contribution in a foreign currency shall be calculated according to exchange rate of euros and the foreign currency as set by the Bank of Lithuania on transaction day;
•  Interests shall be paid for consumer deposit, and they can be cashed out at the bank’s cash desks or transferred to another account:
    – Each month (for previous calendar month);
    – Every three calendar months;
    – At expiry of deposit agreement.


The interest rates for consumer deposits (%) for business customers


Term in DaysTerm in MonthsEURUSDGBP
Annual Interest Rates:0%
The amount accumulated in 1 month: 0
Total:0 EUR

How to open Consumer Deposit Account?

To open a consumer deposit account, you should visit your nearest client servicing divisions or branch. It is necessary to have all the documents
necessary for opening a bank account.
Setting of consumer deposit (making of deposit agreement) can also be done via the Internet banking system


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