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A Basketfull for Your Business: a special offer for new companies

A Basketfull for Your Business is the Medicinos Bankas special offer for newly established companies registered no earlier than 12 months ago. We offer such companies favourable terms and conditions for setting up their business:
- free of charge activation and support of electronic channels;
- free of charge management of your bank account online;
- a discount of up to 100% for cash transfers;
- especially advantageous transfer rates;
- advantageous fees for access to the Bank Link system of Medicinos Bankas.
Discounts are applied to legal persons (residents) and agricultural subjects registered no earlier than 12 months ago and with a bank account set up at Medicinos Bankas up to the date of 31/01/2016.  


The offer also presents various business financing opportunities:
- compensation for up to 95% of interest for small to medium sized enterprises for state-supported credit from the Open Credit fund (offer stands up to September 30th of this year);
- leasing services: within 7 working days of all necessary documents being submitted to the bank.


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Service fees that are not indicated in this offer are charged at the bank's regular rate – find out more about these services at the official website Offers are valid for 12 months after an agreement is signed with the bank.


Come visit us at the nearest division of Medicinos Bankas to discuss and take advantage of our special offers.


Medicinos Bankas: your reliable and innovative business partner, willing to help develop your business under favourable conditions.

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