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Free direct debet and online payments in Medicinos bankas

Free transactions in Medicinos bankas:

  • Direct debet money transactions;
  • Utility fees and other online payments via Internet banking system (IBS).


Why is it worth opening a bank account in Medicinos bankas? If turnovers
directed through the bank account in Medicinos bankas, then there will be:

  • FREE utility fees and other online payments via Internet banking system.
  • FREE write-off of money according to the direct debet agreement signed at the
    bank or via Internet banking system. Once the direct debet agreement is signed,
    the customer only needs to have a sufficient amount of cash to settle accounts
    with the service provider and the rest will be carried out by the bank. Easy, fast,
    cheap and comfortable!
  • DO NOT APPLY account administration fees every month and every quarter.
  • FREE cash out of money up to 2000 Lt in one day and a wide net of bank


ATTRACTIVE deposit interest: the customer can choose the appropriate frequency
of interest payment; if deposited via IBS - +0,2 % higher interest rates.

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