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Information On Changing Estonian Kroons Into Euros

On 1 January 2011 Estonia joins the eurozone and its national currency
(the Estonian kroon – EEK) is replaced by the Euro, therefore on 31 December
2010 Estonian kroons in bank accounts of customers of Medicinos Bankas UAB
will be exchanged into Euros at the official exchange rate. If a customer has an
EEK bank account but does not have a Euro bank account, such account will be
automatically opened (the account number will be the same as the EEK account
number). Upon the exchange of the currency, EEK accounts will be closed.


Users of the internet banking system of Medicinos Bankas will be able to
exchange EEK by 31 December 2010.


Payment orders in EEK to other banks registered in Lithuanian and foreign
banks will be accepted by 30 December 2010, and payment orders in EEK to
one’s own account or account of any other customer of Medicinos Bankas by
31 December 2010

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