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Internet banking system (IBS) of Medicine Bank was installed with electronic signature technology that allows authentication and confirmation of transactions

The Medicinos bankas, taking into account the needs of its clients and developing
of the electronic signature market, now allows users to connect to the Internet
banking system (hereinafter referred to as the IBS) using electronic signature,
and to confirm transactions.


Electronic signature is a secure and reliable means of authentication in
cyberspace that allows linking the electronic data to the signatory, and identifying
the signature. The electronic signature has the same legal effect as a formal
document signed by hand. This is an alternative means of authentication to the
PIN and TAN cards, provided under the Online Account Management Service


The clients, who already provide data and reports to the State Social Insurance
Fund Board ("Sodra"), Centre of Registers, State Tax Inspectorate and other bodies
by signing with an electronic signature, are not required to purchase any additional
means to use the IBS electronic signature technology.


For those clients, who are still not able to sign documents electronically, the Bank
recommends to purchase the electronic signature not only because of being able to
use IBS. By submitting electronic certificates to the public institutions they can save
from a few dozen to several thousand Litas during the year compared to the
submitting paper based reports (taking into account the loss of time of qualified
administrative personnel, paper and postal costs, and etc.).


Connecting to IBS and confirming transactions at the Medicinos bankas is possible
by any of the following means of secure electronic signature:



The clients, who wish to be authorized using this type of electronic signature, do
not need to buy any additional devices or card readers, except replace their mobile
phone SIM card with a special card, issued at the Omnitel and Bite Lietuva mobile
operators’ salons (for more information on UAB Omnitel e-signature read here, and
on Bite Lietuva e-signature read here).


This means is useful to clients for several reasons:

  • Cost-efficient: currently, a special SIM card at Omnitel salon costs only
    LTL 0.01; there are no charges for the mobile signature service. Service
    connection fee at Bitė Lietuva is LTL 15; the mobile signature service costs only
    LTL 1 per month for unlimited transactions (included in the mobile phone bill).
  • Convenient: always near – no need to carry PIN/TAN cards.
  • Safe: 2-level security – phone PIN code and special authentication PIN code
    (sPIN), issued by the mobile operator (in case your phone is lost, nobody will
    be able to use it).
  • Fast: connection to IBS is as fast as connection with PIN/TAN cards.
  • Easy: having a mobile phone, knowing how to use it and remembering a special
    authentication code (sPIN) is enough!



The electronic signature is generated using any of the following means:
2.1.     The identity card with installed certificate
2.2.    Centre of Registers’ USB key
2.3.    Centre of Registers’ chip card


For use of identity cards and the Centre of Registers’ chip cards, an additional chip
card reader has to be attached to a computer. This cost-efficient card reader is
sold in computer hardware stores.


This means is useful to clients for several reasons:

  • Safe: they are protected by a password known only to the holder of electronic
    signature. If the password is unknown, the means will not work (PIN code can
    be changed at any time by using special software).
  • Convenient: you can use this means not only to login to IBS and confirm
    transactions, but also fill in the declarations to the State Tax Inspectorate, sign
    reporting forms to the State Social Insurance Fund Board ("Sodra") in the EDAS
    system, connect to e-services portal, sign electronic documents, etc.
  • Fast and easy: login and confirmation process is simple and similar to the
    standard PIN/TAN card code entry.


Read the following instructions to know how to prepare your computer
to work with electronic signature means and how to login and confirm
transactions to IBS:

About the mobile electronic signature (link to .pdf file) 

About the stationary electronic signature (link to .pdf file)


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