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Medicinos Bankas becomes the first Lithuanian bank to offer Mobile Wallet service

Medicinos Bankas is the first bank in Lithuania to launch a first-of-its kind Mobile Wallet service. The users of this service can quickly and conveniently pay for products or services using their mobile phones or pay for them directly from their bank account without the need to use cash or card. This innovation is a joint project which came out of a partnership between Medicinos Bankas and WoraPay (the largest mobile wallet infrastructure provider in the Baltic region) and created in cooperation with UAB Etronika, a leading IT company in the Baltic region.


 “By using Medicinos Bankas Mobile Wallet our customers can save their time and make the most of innovative technology solutions. We are pleased to be able to offer these innovations to our customers that meet the challenges of ever-increasing pace of life,” says Vaida Stamburaitė, Director of the Development Department at Medicinos Bankas, “If you value innovations and you are not the customer of Medicinos Bankas, we welcome you to open an account in our bank free of charge and to try our Mobile Wallet service”.


Medicinos Bankas Mobile Wallet can be used for purchases at Lukoil Baltija petrol stations and at the following  restaurants: Take Way, Fortas, Basilico, Apollo, LivIn, Borsch, The Room; it can also be used to make donations via charity fundraising websites, such as SOS vaikų kaimas, Food Bank, Maltesers, www. Besides the rapidly expanding network of service provision points, there are a variety of different discounts and special offers available to Mobile Wallet users (e. g.  customers can get a 50% discount on pizzas and pasta dishes for orders between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Basilico restaurant (Goštauto str. 40C, Vilnius) or a 10-cent discount per liter of fuel at Lukoil Baltija petrol stations, etc.).


 “The WoraPay solution being launched in Lithuania offers exceptional convenience to its users because customers can make payments directly from their bank accounts which is accessed through their mobile banking wallet (mobile application). In this way we redefine the concept of the bank account as you can now use it to make payments at the point of sale,” says Aurimas Bakas, founder and director of WoraPay.


 “In the long term, the Mobile Wallet will be as popular as payments by card. After all, people carry their mobile phones more often than a wallet,” Etroninka director Kęstutis Gardžiulis says.


 “The business strategy of Medicinos Bankas places great emphasis on the use of modern technologies and innovations in its banking system. The bank aims to deliver its services in line with its customers’ needs by making regular investments into interactive technologies and launching modern mobile banking solutions,” says Vaida Stamburaitė, Director of the Development Department at Medicinos Bankas.


In 2013 Medicinos Bankas became the first bank in Lithuania (and among the first ones globally) to offer a mobile banking app to its customers allowing them to pay their utility bills by taking a photo of a special bar code presented in the utility provider’s bill. It is a fast and easy method of payment which is provided free of charge because the bank customers are not charged for the utility payments made through Medicinos Bankas.


Customers can download a mobile banking app with an integrated Mobile Wallet for free from the App Store, Android Market or Widow Store.


Click here if you want to learn more information about Medicinos Bankas mobile banking app and Mobile Wallet.

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