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Medicinos bankas operates stable and profitably

Changes in a country finance market, related to a decision of the Bank of Lithuania
temporarily to restrict Ūkio bankas‘ operation, does not affect stable operation
of Medicinos bankas.


"Medicinos bankas does not have any financial links with Ūkio bankas, for this
reason, our bank‘s customers – natural as well as legal persons – can feel
completely safe and calm“, - says Gintaras Treinys, Chief Executive Officer of
Medicinos bankas. We are determined to strengthen our positions in a banking
market meeting expectation of our customers and shareholders."


Medicinos bankas executes all normatives of activity risk set by the Bank of
Lithuania. According to 31 December, 2012 data, Liquidity of Medicinos bankas
is 48.7 % (set by the Bank of Lithuania – no less than 30 %), capital adequacy -
13.4 % (set by the Bank of Lithuania – no less than 10 %).


Medicinos bankas, according to unaudited data, in 2012 earned LTL 4,1 mln.
net profit.


Medicinos bankas, taking into consideration that some customers of the bank
due to restriction of Ūkio bankas are able to expect some inconveniences by
performing daily banking operations, suggests the bank customers directly
contact fund receivers with a request to indicate their account at Medicinos
bankas or at any other bank in order to transfer money funds.

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