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Medicinos Bankas Starts Granting Credits to Small Business

Medicinos Bankas has won the tender of the Ministry of Economy and
Investicijos ir Verslo Garantijos UAB (INVEGA) for allocating a part of the
Lithuanian state budget assignations to crediting small business.


Small and medium-sized entities are welcome to contact the bank regarding
micro-crediting already now.


Up to LTL 120 million in total should be allocated for the support of micro-crediting.
In accordance with the order of the Minister of Economy, up to LTL 2 million will
be allocated for small credits granted by Medicinos Bankas. The bank will have to
credit these funds to the business within 10 weeks from the date of signing an
agreement with the Ministry of Economy and INVEGA.


Medicinos Bankas will invest 16 per cent of its own funds in this programme. The
maximum margin of the bank applied to the credits in the first two years should not
exceed 5.6 per cent.


Small credits may be granted to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that
are registered and carry out their main activities in Lithuania. Up to LTL 175
thousand may be granted to one credit recipient. Small credit loans will be
granted for investments or financing the circulating capital.


For more information on state-supported small credits, please contact the
subdivisions of Medicinos Bankas.

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