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Medicinos Bankas Wins Tender “Granting of Micro Credits – Stage 2”

Medicinos Bankas has won the tender “Granting of Micro Credits – Stage 2”,
announced by the Ministry of Economy and Investicijų ir Verslo Garantijos UAB
(INVEGA), and has become one of the four banks through which micro, small
and medium-sized companies will be granted LTL 100 million in loans.


A total of LTL 19.5 million will be allocated for small credits granted by Medicinos
Bankas; additionally, the Bank will invest 3 per cent of its own funds in this
programme. Micro, small and medium-sized companies will receive loans of up to
LTL 350 thousand to finance their investments and/or working capital.  Only one
small credit may be granted to one recipient within a 12-month period. The Bank’s
margin will not exceed 2.2 per cent.


Medicinos Bankas has been granting credits to micro, small and medium-sized
companies since the end of April, after winning the first stage of the tender for
granting up to LTL 2 million in loans.


Granting small credits to small business is one of the measures included in the
Economic Growth Action Programme, prepared by the Ministry of Economy. It aims
to make the Lithuanian market of credit resources more active and, thus, use the
European Union structural funds for 2007-2013, allocated for the promotion of
business financing, in an efficient way.

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