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New Website of Medicinos Bankas

A new website of Medicinos Bankas was launched. The website is distinguished by a modern navigation, informativeness and convenient information management.

“Customer requests and modern technologies encouraged us to create a new website for the bank”, says the Director of the Business Development Department of Medicinos Bankas Vaida Stamburaitė. “This website is a harmonious combination of aesthetics, information and technology that offers our customers a convenient virtual space for financial solutions”.

Some of the information (exchange rates) provided on the website is generated from the database of the Bank of Lithuania and is updated automatically. The remaining part of information (bank announcements, news, etc.) is handled by means of an expeditious administration system. One of the most interesting tools on this website is a modern animated visualization that helps to transfer the information along with the search steps.

Compared with the former version, the new website of Medicinos Bankas is easier to administer, it is complemented with calculators, archive materials and various software modules that facilitate information search.

The new website moreover provides an opportunity to log in to accounts of the bank on interactive social networks Facebook, Twitter. “Medicinos Bankas seeks to expand the circle of communication with existing and prospective clients who are used to sharing the latest information on social networks”, says the Director of the Business Development Department of Medicinos Bankas Vaida Stamburaitė. “Through the use of various communication channels, we are able to provide the relevant information to a wider audience, as opposed to responding to recurring general e-mail inquiries”.

Design and navigation system of the new website is furthermore different from that of the former version, inasmuch as the main point of focus on the front page of the website is dedicated to banking services and information, i.e. bank-related news. Accurate and informative navigation solutions enable the users to view almost entire contents of the website without browsing through the sub-pages. The new version of the bank’s website includes visual-colour accents, i.e. in addition to the usual gold and brown (the coulours of nature, earth and wealth), we have added a lot of blue accents (blue symbolizes space, eternity, gratitude and integrity).

The website design and programming work was performed by UAB digitouch!

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