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On its 20th anniversary, Medicinos Bankas is granting assistance to Vilkpėdė Hospital

On 24 November, 2012,
Medicinos Bankas is
celebrating its 20th anniversary
of activity.

“On our twentieth anniversary,
we are greeting everyone:
existing and future customers,
partners, and employees. We
thank everyone for pleasant
and professional cooperation,
collegially warm meetings,
sharing the experience,
searching for rational financial solutions, improvement, and striving for advancement,” said Mr. Gintaras Treinys,
Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer.


The bank decided to grant the amount allocated for celebration of the anniversary
for assistance: to give necessary medical equipment for the hospital Vilkpėdės
Ligoninė, VšĮ. “It is the gift from all of us – employees, customers, and partners.
It will help those who need it and give meaning to successful operation of the bank
and close cooperation of two decades,” said Mr. Gintaras Treinys, the Head of
Medicinos Bankas.


According to Mr. Gintaras Treinys, the people working in the bank are essential to
the success of the bank. Medicinos Bankas started its activities in 1992 with 8
employees. Currently, the bank group employs 557 people, the work of which is
directly assessed by bank customers: small and medium businesses, agricultural
entities, and natural persons.


Medicinos Bankas started its financial activities by registering the authorised
capital of LTL 400 thousand (40 million Lithuanian talonas). After two decades,
the capital of Medicinos Bankas is LTL 68,875 thousand and the assets amount to
LTL 861.9 million. During the entire period of financial activities, Medicinos Bankas
has always complied with the prudential requirements set by Lietuvos Bankas.


According to Mr. Gintaras Treinys, Chairman of the Management Board, Chief
Executive Officer, the selection of provided financial services and the network of
customer service have expanded and rendered Medicinos Bankas as a universal
bank, which provides versatile financial services to legal and natural persons in a
qualified and expedient manner. The bank has granted over LTL 502 million in
credits to customers, the deposits amount to LTL 702 million.


The activities of Medicinos Bankas are closely related to small and medium
businesses and their funding by granting state-supported credits to customers. In
cooperation with UAB Žemės Ūkio Paskolų Garantijų Fondas, UAB (ŽŪPGF) and
Investicijų ir Verslo Garantijos, UAB (INVEGA), Medicinos Bankas is actively
financing small businesses, agriculturists, agricultural production processors, and
businesses established in rural areas. Medicinos Bankas is among the top credit
institutions that have granted most credits with ŽŪP GF warranty to agriculturists,
rural businesses, and processors of their production.


Medicinos Bankas was among the first banks in Lithuania to introduce e-banking to
its customers.


In two decades of its operation, Medicinos Bankas has widely expanded its
customer service network. The first divisions of the bank were opened in the largest
cities: Vilnius and Kaunas. Currently, Medicinos Bankas has 97 customer service
divisions throughout Lithuania.


The main shareholder of Medicinos Bankas is Mr. Saulius Karosas, a Lithuanian
residing in Switzerland. He holds 87.82 percent of Medicinos Bankas Shares.
Western Petroleum Ltd. holds 9.87 percent and other shareholders – 2.31 percent
of the bank’s authorised capital.

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