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Senior citizens are offered a discount of 15% on General Financing consumer credit interest rate

Up until 28 February 2015, departments of Medicinos Bankas offer a discount of 15%* on General Financing consumer credit interest rate to senior citizens (holding a pensioner’s card or a certificate for disability pensions).


It is worth choosing General Financing consumer credits issued in departments of Medicinos Bankas, because:

  • up to EUR 15,000 (LTL 51,792) can be financed;
  • amounts from EUR 50 to EUR 3,000 (from LTL 172.64 to LTL 10,358.40) can be received immediately in cash; amounts from EUR 50 to EUR 15,000 (from LTL 172.64 to LTL 51,792) are transferred to personal bank accounts held with Medicinos Bankas.


* Terms and conditions of financing with discount on interest rate:

  • annual interest rate: 21.25 %;
  • transaction fee: 10 %;
  • transaction period may not exceed 60 months;
  • monthly management fee: EUR 0.50 (LTL 1.73).


For example, if the price of the purchased item is EUR 580 and the agreement is concluded for a period of 24 months, including the insurance, the annual interest rate shall be 21,25 %, transaction fee – 10 %, insurance costs – 4,67 %, monthly management fee – EUR 0.50, the total annual percentage rate of the total cost of consumer credit – 45,06 %, monthly instalment – EUR 34,76, and the total consumer credit amount payable by the borrower shall be EUR 834,24 (LTL 2880,46). If amounts other than EUR 580 are borrowed or the agreement period is other than 24 months, these numbers may vary.


The offer is valid in departments of Medicinos Bankas issuing General Financing consumer credits.

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