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Take benefit from receiving your retirement benefits (allowances) at Medicinos bankas

From 1 June 2009 special conditions for receivers of state social insurance fun
d (SODRA) payments are prolonged. Open an account with Medicinos bankas
and benefit from exclusive conditions upon receiving your payments from Sodra.


  • Earn +0,2% annual interest on time deposits from 01-06-2009 through
  • Pay for utility services and other payments from your bank account for a charge
    as low as LTL 0,50 till 31-05-2010 (in case a bank account is opened till
    31 December 2009).
  • Acceptance of payments for public utilities, as well as for other services, making
    payments via the Internet banking system, is free of charge till 31 May 2010
    (in case a bank account is opened till 31 December 2009).
  • Receive payments from Sodra in cash free of charge
  • The pensions (allowances) from Sodra will reach your bank account
    free of charge.
    +Gift – Medicinos bankas and Norfa discount card. 


*For individuals who open accounts for transfer of Sodra funds and time deposits
with Medicinos bankas, we offer higher annual interest rates: +0,2 % on time
deposit in LTL and +0,1% on time deposit in EUR, GBP and USD. You can take
advantage of this offer only upon submitting Medicinos Bankas certificate
published in the leaflets available in every client service division. The offer is valid
from 01-06-2009 through 31-12-2009.


Your deposits have been insured by State Institution "Indėlių ir investicijų

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