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UNISTREAM money transfers can already be withdrawn in 35 customer service divisions of the bank

Money transfers are the best way to transfer funds to relatives in the home country for those who work abroad. It is also an irreplaceable way to transfer funds to those studying, spending their leisure time abroad or visiting countries on business – to all who need to receive money quickly.

  • Money transfers can be withdrawn in these client service subsidiaries of Medicinos bankas:
    1. Centras Branch - 40 Pamėnkalnio Street, Vilnius
    2. Kaunas Branch - 14 Vytauto Avenue, Kaunas
    3. Konstitucija client service subdivision - 3 Konstitucijos Avenue, Vilnius
    4. Dainava client service subdivision - 43 V. Krėvės Avenue, Kaunas
    5. Klaipėda Branch - Šermukšnių Street 1, Klaipėda
    6. Tauragė Client Service Division - Gedimino Street 23, Tauragė
    7. Marijampolė Client Service Division - Vilkaviškio Street 72 (Shopping centre IKI), Marijampolė
    8. Utena Client Service Division - Aušros Street 78 (Shopping centre MAXIMA), Utena
    9. Ukmergė Client Service Division - Dukstyna Village (Shopping centre Eifelis), Ukmergė
    10. Šiauliai Branch - Varpo Street 25-10, Šiauliai
    11. Panevėžys Branch - J. Urbšio Street 3, Panevėžys
    12. Mažeikiai Client Service Division - Žemaitijos Street 20 (Shopping  centre MAXIMA), Mažeikiai
    13. Joniškis Client Service Division - Livonijos Street 3, Joniškis
    14. Šalčininkai Branch - Vilniaus Street 63, Šalčininkai                                                                                          
    15. Kupiškis Client Service Division - L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus Street 9, Kupiškis
    16. Pasvalys Client Service Division - Ežero Street 1 (Shopping centre NORFA), Pasvalys
    17. Anykščiai Client Service Division - Vilniaus Street 22 (Shopping centre NORFA),  Anykščiai                                                                    
    18. Rožynas Client Service Subdivision- Piniavos Lane 10 (Shopping centre Rožynas), Panevėžys
    19. Stumbras CLIENT Service Subdivision - Aukštaičių Street 4 (Shopping centre IKI), Panevėžys
    20. Kerbedis Client Service Subdivision - Kerbedžio Street 12A (Shopping centre IKI), Panevėžys
    21. Basanavičius Client Service Subdivison - Ukmergės Street 18 (Shopping centre IKI), Panevėžys
    22. Mušos Client Service Division - Škilinpamūšis Village Škilinpamūšis Village („Pakelės namai“)
    23. Kalniečiai Client Service Subdivision - P. Lukšio Street 60 (Shopping centre IKI), Kaunas
    24. Varniai Client Service Subdivision- Neries Quay 16 (Vilijampolė Market),  Kaunas
    25. Veiveriai Client Service Subdivision - Veiverių Street 142A, Kaunas
    26. Klaipėda BIG Client Service Subdivision  - Taikos Avenue 139, Klaipėda
    27. Laukininkai Client Service Subdivision - Laukininkų Street 17, Klaipėda
    28. Žemaitija Client Service Subdivision - H. Manto Street 31 (Shopping centre Ikiukas), Klaipėda
    29. Palanga Airport Client Service Subdivision - Liepojos Road 1 (Palanga Air Port), Palanga                      
    30. Telšiai client service division - Kęstučio Street 4/1, Telšiai
    31. Senamiestis Client Service Subdivision - Vokiečių Street 28/17-23, Vilnius
    32. Savanoriai Client Service Subdivision - Savanorių Avenue 56, Vilnius
    33. Trakai Client Service Division - Vytauto Street 55, Trakai
    34. Pašilaičiai Client Service Subdivision - Medeinos Street 8A,  Vilnius
    35. Druskininkai Client Service Subdivision - M. K. Čiurlionio Street 107 (Shopping centre IKI), Druskininkai


Money transfer fees applied by Unistream partners depend on the country of sending and receiving.

You can find out more information about the transfer service and fees in branches of Medicinos bankas, where the service is given or on the Unistream website:

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