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Wire transfers can be withdrawn in 2 more divisions of the bank in Šiauliai and Plungė

The number of divisions of Medicinos Bankas offering wire transfer services is growing. Ria and Unistream wire transfers can now be withdrawn in the following divisions:
Client Service Division, address: J. Tumo-Vaižganto Str. 81 (PC MAXIMA), Plungė
Šiauliai Akropolis Client Service Subdivision, address: Aido Str. 8 (PC Akropolis), Šiauliai.


Benefits of wire transfers:

  • quick transfer of funds – beneficiaries can withdraw the funds on the same business day;
  • no charges apply to beneficiaries – all charges and fees are covered by the sender;
  • no need to open a bank account to transfer or withdraw funds;
  • an extensive service network – more than 100 countries.


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