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Acceptance of Payments


We suggest paying the bills of the companies providing insurance, education, leasing, telecommunication, utilities, and other services as well as state institutions using the payment collection service provided by the bank.


The payments may be made conveniently and quickly using the internet banking system (IBS) or in cash or wire transfer in a bank branch.


How to make the payments?


In IBS please select the menu item Payments – Transfers – Bills and fees. Please select the necessary beneficiary or payment document from the provided list of service providers (for a detailed explanation on how to find the necessary beneficiary or document and make the payment see Help).


If you wish to pay in cash or make a wire transfer from your bank account in a bank branch, please arrive at the nearest branch or customer service centre. Only bank customers may make a wire transfer from their bank account in a bank branch. If
you do not have a bank account, please be sure to bring your ID documents to the bank.

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