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Accident Insurance


Accident insurance is the type of insurance that provides insurance coverage if due to an accident the health of the insured person is damaged, he/she loses capacity to work or the accident causes his/her death.


Terms and conditions of accident insurance:


Subject of insurance

Property interest of the insured person related to the death and/or bodily injury (trauma) of the insured person due to an accident.


Total insurance amount

Eur 3 000 out of which:
Eur 1 500 for the risk of trauma;
Eur 1 500 for the risk of death.


Validity of insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is valid 24/7.


Insurance validity term*

12 months


Insurance premium

Eur 7,20

* accident insurance comes into force on the 5th day of the next month.


Benefit for the person having purchased accident insurance:

1. The service for the above price may be received by purchasing the insurance certificate in Medicinos Bankas, UAB.
2. The examination of the customer's health is not necessary prior to concluding the insurance agreement.
3. Gjensidige insurance offers the widest table of benefits in case of trauma, i.e. most insured events according to the table of benefits (available on the reverse side of the certificate).
4. Fast and cheap method of insurance against minor accidents at a fixed price.
5. Insurance coverage territory ­ the whole world.
6. The certificates may be purchased by residents and non-residents.
7. In the event of an accident, the insured person must call 1626.
More information here. 


How to conclude an insurance agreement?

If you wish to conclude an insurance agreement, please arrive at the nearest branch, customer service centre or subdivision of Medicinos Bankas.


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