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Medicinos Bankas has established the following daughter-enterprises: JSC "MB Turtas", JSC "MB Valda", JSC "TG Invest-1" and JSC "MB Investicijos". The purpose of daughter enterprises is purchasing the property, which was used for mortgages and bank loans, its efficient management and development. The property includes residential and commercial real estate, incomplete construction, and land sites of different purposes.


All objects may be viewed and detailed information is available in the website The property offered by daughter-enterprises is free from any previous legal encumbrances and obligations, which allows the customers purchasing the property with ease.


Daughter-enterprises are constantly cooperating with architects, real estate agencies, construction companies, and lawyers. By professional property management we seek not only to maintain the value of real estate, but also toincrease it.


Medicinos bankas offers loans on good terms:

  • Financed amount: not exceeding 85 percent of the property price;
  • Interest rate: for a period of 12 months from the transaction date, annual interest rate shall be 1 percent; later, annual interest rate shall be at least 2 percent;
  • Contract preparation (administration) fee: shall not apply;
  • Commitment fee from the unused credit amount: shall not apply;
  • Fee for early repayment of the credit/leasing payment: shall not apply;
  • Valuation of the property purchased/leased: shall not be required.


If you have any questions, please call us at
+370 612 35 933;
+370 620 74 791;
+370 5 264 4847.

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