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Opening of a Bank Account

To open a bank account in Medicinos Bankas, please arrive at the nearest branch, customer service centre or subdivision. Be sure to have your ID document.


Special offer for the residents of Lithuania who have a bank account in Medicinos Bankas.


Regulations for payment services provision


Having arrived to the bank, you will have to:


Bank account (deposit) agreement can be made and account can be opened by:

  • Natural person on his / her own behalf;
  • Natural person (agent) acting in accordance with notarially approved power of attorney – on behalf of other person (the principal).


If you want to open an account for other person, you will have to sign the bank account agreement as the person opening the account. The other person will be named as owner of the account. Bank determines your legal capacity and identit, and legal capacity and identity of the person on whose behalf you open the account will be determined when he/she arrives to the bank and states his / her intention to enjoy the rights of the account owner. You also have to fill in the Client Form (for privat persons).


Account can be opened and resources kept in it can be used on behalf of other natural person by his / her agent, who must submit the following:

  • Personal identity document;
  • Notarially approved power of attorney from the principal to open account on his / her behalf and to use the funds kept in it;
  • Notarially approved transcript of the principal’s personal identity document.


Agent shall manage an account in accordance with the rights granted in the power of attorney.


An account opened for a juvenile under the age of 14 shall be managed by his/her parents (adoptive parents) or foster parents. When account is opened by parents, both of them shall produce passports. When other personal identity document is produced or when passport does not contain entry on the child, certificate of birth of the child shall be also produced. Parents shall sign an agreement, validated by the bank, on opening an account for a juvenile and on using the juvenile’s account and moneys kept therein. When only one of the parents arrives to open such an account, then he / she shall produce consent of the non - arriving one with usage of the juvenile’s account, approved by a notary public. When parents of a child are divorced or separated, they shall produce a court decision confirming such circumstances. When an account for a person under 14 is opened by a foster parent, he / she shall produce personal identity document, the child’s certificate of birth and a document evidencing his / her appointment as guardian of the juvenile person.

A juvenile from 14 to 18 years can open and manage account independently, by producing to the bank a passport (personal identity card) and consent of his / her parents in writing for the juvenile to manage the account and to use the funds kept therein without a separate permission, approved by a notary public or at the bank. When a juvenile from 14 to 18 years old is married (the bank must receive passport containing entry on registration of marriage, or marriage certificate), then the consent of parents (adoptive parents) or foster parents to the opening of the account is not necessary.

Management of bank accounts is also possible with the help of Internet banking system.


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