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Consumer Credit

The consumer credit can be granted for travelling, medical costs, study fees, purchase of domestic appliances, etc.


Terms and conditions of a consumer loan:

•  Loan period: from 3 months to 5 years;
•  Loan currency:  euro;
•  Maximum credit amount: up to EUR 6 000, depends on your constant income and financial obligations;
•  A fixed or variable interest rate may be selected. Variable interest rate is set according to EURIBOR basic interest rates, to which the bank interest margin is added. The interest rate is changed every 6 months;
•  Loan repayment may be postponed up to 6 months.


Who can receive a consumer loan?

•  The citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or the persons having a permanent residence permit in Lithuania;
•  The people who are 21 years old;
•  The people who have constant income;
•  The total amount of all financial obligations of a person/family per month may not exceed 40 percent of constant income received.


How to get a secured loan? 

If you have decided to get a loan, call the information line and arrange for a meeting with a bank specialist or fill in the application and arrive at the nearest bank branch or customer service centre for a consultation. Please be sure to bring the documents indicated in the application.
Fill in a loan application (in lithuanian) (PDF format)
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Fill in a loan application (in lithuanian) (WORD format)


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