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General Financing Consumer Credit

We provide General Financing, UAB consumer loans for private persons (citizens of the Republic of Lithuania) from EUR 50 to 15 000. Upon customer's request, the consumer loan may be provided in cash or bank transfer to the customer's bank account in Medicinos Bankas, UAB.


General Financing consumer loans ranging from EUR 1,000 to EUR 15,000 are offered under the following favourable terms:

  • Annual interest rate – 9.9 %;
  • Agreement fee – 10 %;
  • Monthly handling fee  – 0.6 % of the total loan amount;
  • The agreement is concluded for a maximum period of 84 months.


For example, if you take a loan of EUR 4,500 and an agreement is concluded for a period of 48 months including insurance, the annual interest rate would be 9.9%, the agreement fee would be 10%, insurance costs would make up 10.28%, and the annual handling fee would be 0.6% of the total loan amount. The total annual consumer loan cost rate would be 35.33 %, the monthly installment would amount to EUR 164.06, and the total amount paid by the recipient of consumer loan would be EUR 7874.88*. The above amounts may differ if the loan amount is other than EUR 4,500 or if you choose an agreement period other than 48 months.


Why choose our General Financing consumer credit?

  • Will I receive a quick loan approval decision? Yes!
  • Will the funds be deposited into my personal bank account the same day*? Yes!
  • Will I have an option of choosing a payment period? Yes! The payment period may be up to 7 years!
  • Will I need to use my property as collateral? No, you won’t!
  • Will I be able to postpone the initial payment? Yes, the postponement period may be up to 3 months!
  • Will I be able to use a wide payment collection network? Yes!


* If you take a consumer loan by a wire transfer, the specified amount will be deposited to your bank account the same day if the agreement is concluded before 4:30 pm on a working day (before 3:30 pm on Friday). If the loan agreement is signed after 4:30 pm on a working day (after 3:30 on Friday) or at any time on a weekend or public holiday, money will be transferred to your account no later than the following banking day before 10:00 am.


Terms and conditions of General Financing, UAB consumer loan:

•  The amount from EUR 50 to 3 000 may be received immediately in cash;
•  When borrowing by bank transfer from EUR 50 to 15 000, the agreed amount will be transferred to your personal account on the same day, if the transaction is concluded on a business day before 4.30 PM (3.30 PM on Fridays);
•  Term of the consumer loan - up to 7 years;
•  The first instalment may be postponed up to 3 month.


Standard Example for the Calculation of Annual Percentage Rate of the Total Cost of Consumer Credit

For example, if the price of the purchased item is EUR 750 and the agreement is concluded for a period of 28 months, including the insurance, the annual interest rate shall be 20%, transaction fee – 10%, insurance costs – 5.53%, monthly management fee – EUR 0.5, the total annual percentage rate of the total cost of consumer credit – 40.79%, monthly instalment – EUR 39.43, and the total consumer credit amount payable by the borrower shall be EUR 1,104.04. If amounts other than EUR 750 are borrowed or the agreement period is other than 28 months, these numbers may vary.


The consumer loan may be granted to the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania (not younger than 18 on the day of granting the loan and not older than 70 at the end of the term of loan repayment):

  • Receiving a salary under an employment contract; 
  • Receiving constant benefits from State Social Insurance Fund Board (pensions, welfare, etc.);
  • State officials;
  • Farmers.


In order to receive a consumer loan, the customer must present one of the following ID documents:

  • Valid passport of the citizen of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Personal ID card.


If necessary, you may be asked to present the certificate of employment.



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