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Secured Credit

kreditas uz uzstata

Have you been dreaming of a new car, cottage or another major purchase? Are you planning a wedding, starting a business or studies? A secured loan is intended for fulfilling big plans and investment into your future...


Terms and conditions of a secured loan:

• Term of the loan: up to 10 years;
• Currency of the loan: euro;
• Maximum loan amount:
   – the maximum mortgage loan amount depends on the market value of mortgaged property or its price (lower of the two), constant income of the customer/family, and financial obligations;
   – up to 70 percent of the mortgaged property price or market value (lower of the two) may be financed by the bank;
• Loan repayment postponement term: up to 12 months;
• Interest rate: a variable interest rate is applied for mortgage loans, which is established according to EURIBOR basic interests rates with added bank interest margin. The interest rate is changed every 6 months;
• The loan is repaid in equal or differing instalments according to the schedule agreed by the customer and bank and provided in the loan agreement;
• Security: mortgage of real estate acceptable to the bank.


Who can receive a secured loan? 

• Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or the persons with permanent residence permits in Lithuania;
• Persons over 21;
• Persons receiving constant income;
• The total amount of monthly financial obligations of a person/family may not exceed 40 percent of the constant income received by the person/family.


Requirements for mortgaged property: 

Mortgaged real estate must be assessed by independent property assessors except for the cases when a new housing is purchased from property developers;
• Mortgaged real estate must be insured by an insurance company acceptable to the bank for the entire loan period plus 3 months for the amount no lower than the replacement value.


How to get a secured loan? 

If you have decided to get a loan, call the information line and arrange for a meeting with a bank specialist or fill in the application and arrive at the nearest bank branch or customer service centre for a consultation. Please be sure to bring the documents indicated in the application.
Fill in a loan application (in lithuanian) (PDF format)
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Fill in a loan application (in lithuanian) (WORD format)


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