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Medicinos Bankas application for smartphones is a mobile banking system for private and business customers that allows managing your funds in Medicinos Bankas directly at any time using a smartphone.


The application of Medicinos Bankas, moreover, has a unique feature, i.e. the opportunity to pay the bill for services by taking its picture. You can take a picture of bill received by e-mail or regular mail (watch video).


Mobile banking application of Medicinos Bankas has a unique feature – the opportunity to pay bills for services by taking their picture. You can take a picture of a bill received by e-mail or regular mail.

Mobile banking application of Medicinos Bankas scans the barcode at the bottom of the bill, fills out the fields and draws up the payment order. If barcode on your bill includes all the information required by the bank, your customers will simply have to confirm the payment by e-mail.

 This payment method helps to save both your time and money, inasmuch as payment for your services is free of charge, similar to online payments.


Why using this application for smartphones is worth it?

Alternative to payment cards: pay directly at points of service provision and online.
• Innovative: pay your bills for services by taking their picture.
: the mobile phone is always on hand, so you can use bank services at any time and any place within mobile internet coverage.
 Free: downloading and using the application is free.
 Functional:the application is suitable for Android OS (versions from 2.2 to 4.x), Apple iOS (versions from 3.1 to 5.x) and Windows Phone (versions from 8.0) for both smartphones and tablets.
 2 in 1: mobile phone with an application for smartphones + mobile e-signature = access channel + authorization tool.
 Fast: operates much faster than the connection to the internet banking system (IBS) via the internet browser.
 Simple: more convenient input of information, the functions are easy to grasp for the old and the young, the existing and the new users of the system.
 Safe: high security level – as secure as connecting to IBS via a browser.
 Versatile: the application is available in Lithuanian, English, and Russian.


Taking into account the needs and most frequent internet transactions of the customers, the functions of the Medicinos Bankas mobile banking system may be used not only by bank customers who have signed the Agreement for Online Account Management, but  also by potential Bank customers.


The functions for all smartphone users, who have installed the mobile banking application

– The possibility to view the bill at the point of service provision (restaurant, gas stations, etc.) and online by scanning the QR code.
– The possibility to learn currency exchange rates and calculate the amount of exchanged currency.
– The possibility to view the interest rates of deposits and calculate the receivable interest after making a particular deposit in Medicinos Bankas.
– The possibility to find the way to the nearest Bank division using the augmented reality or a map, learn the relevant information and opening hours of the Bank divisions.
– The possibility to contact the nearest customer service division.
– The possibility to view the profiles of Medicinos Bankas in Facebook and Twitter social networks or the videos in Youtube profile.


Bank customers having signed the Agreement for Online Account Management may additionally use the following functions

– The possibility to pay at the point of service provision (restaurant, gas stations, etc.) and online.
The possibility to pay bills for services by simply taking their picture.
– Find out the account balance and the transaction amounts credited to/debited from the accounts.
– View the graphical account information.
– Pay for purchased goods/services or make a wire transfer to a partner, employee or another person by a domestic transfer within the Bank and to other banks of Lithuania.
– Exchange the currency.
– Review, sign, cancel or delete a transaction entered via the internet banking system (IBS) or the mobile banking system (MBS).
– Use created lists of recipients and/or templates.
– Manage your own and represented customers’ accounts during the same session.


You may log in to the application and confirm the transactions using e-signature or PIN/TAN cards issued by the Bank upon signing the Agreement for Online Account Management.


Medicinos Bankas application may be downloaded for free from:

  • App Store, if you are using an iPhone or iPad.
  • Android Market, if you are using a smartphone or tablet with Android OS.
  • Windows Store, if you use your phone or tablet PC with Windows operating system.


The instructions for using the mobile banking are available here (in lithuanian language).


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