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Internet Banking System (IBS)


Internet banking system (IBS) is the system that allows managing your funds in
Medicinos Bankas at any time.


Accessing IBS is possible from a computer or a mobile phone with a mobile


Terms and conditions for the provision of electronic services (from 2017-04-01)


Why concluding an E-Banking Agreement is beneficial to you? 

Beneficial: the transactions may be concluded 24/7 from any place in the world.

Expeditious: saves the time of going to the bank, filling in the documents,
waiting in line, and concluding the transaction.

Safe: bank internet server is using the certificate of certification company
Verisign, which ensures the security of internet banking server.

Free: no agreement signing or administration charges are applicable.

Cheap: the transactions concluded via IBS are cheaper than in customer
service centres.



Bank branch

Periodical payment

Transfer within the bank to
own account in litas

Free of charge

Free of charge

Free of charge

Transfer within the bank to
own account in foreign

Free of charge

LTL 2,00
(Eur 0,58)

Free of charge

Transfer within the bank to
another customer’s account
in litas

Free of charge

LTL 2,00
(Eur 0,58)

Free of charge

Transfer within the bank to
another customer’s account
in foreign currency

Free of charge

LTL 5,00
(Eur 1,45)

Free of charge

Service bill payments

Free of charge

LTL 0,80 – 3,00
(Eur 0,23 - 0,87)

Free of charge
 (having created a single payment via IBS)

Domestic transfer to
another bank

LTL 1,20
(Eur 0,35)

LTL 3,00 + LTL 2.00
(Eur 0,87 + Eur 0,58)
for preparing the payment document

LTL 1.20 (Eur 0,35)
(having created a periodical payment in IBS),
LTL 3.00 (Eur 0,87)
(having submitted an application to create a periodical payment in the bank)

Transfers in foreign
currency (EUR) to EEA

LTL 55,00
(Eur 15,93)

LTL 60,00
(Eur 17,38)


Transfers in foreign
currency (other than EUR)

LTL 65,00
(Eur 18,83)

LTL 70,00
(Eur 20,27)


Direct debit transfers

Free of charge

Free of charge



The customer may use the means provided by the bank to manage
personal finance.


What services are available in IBS?


How to use IBS services?

For your convenience every service of IBS has a description, which is displayed
by clicking Help in the top right corner of the screen.


How to start?

To become a user of internet banking system you must have an account
in Medicinos Bankas, read the terms and conditions of the service and arrive
at the nearest branch or customer service centre to conclude an internet
banking agreement. Be sure to bring your ID documents.


Why concluding transactions via IBS is secure?

All information transferred between your computer and the internet banking
system is encoded. The data is encoded using the SSL 3.0 standard data
encoding protocol recognized by financial institutions. The international
e-signature certification centre VeriSign has issued a certificate to the bank
confirming that the data transmitted via the internet are encoded by a 128-bit key.


Secure use of IBS is ensured by the following means:

1. User ID, which helps to authorise the user when signing in;

2. The password selected by the user (when signing in for the first time the user
     enters the ID provided by the bank);

3. The user may choose the means of authorisation for accessing the IBS and
     confirming the transactions:


In order to ensure maximum security the newest browsers are supported: 

Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Chrome. Using these browsers not only facilitates web
browsing, but also helps avoiding unauthorized interference. If other browsers or
older versions are used, forms may be distorted and therefore, we recommend
updating your browser, because it allows using the state-of-the-art means to
secure your privacy on the web:

  • InPrivate: Internet Explorer 8 function that allows secret browsing online.
  • SmartScreen: Internet Explorer 8 function that prevents the hackers from
    infecting your computer with viruses, stealing personal information, and
    watching your actions online.
  • Firefox measures of private and secure browsing.


The browsers supported by the bank may be downloaded from the following

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox 

Google Chrome


Consulting and training in bank branches

You may use IBS in internet banking terminals installed in bank branches. The
employees of the bank will show you how it is used and tell you about the
possibilities. The list of branches where you can use e-banking:
1. Centras Branch
2. Senamiestis Client Service Subdivision
3. Marijampole Client Service Division
4. Tauragė Client Service Division
5. Telšiai Client Service Division
6. Druskininkai Client Service Subdivision
7. Kaunas Branch
8. Kedainiai Client Service Division
9. Panevėžys Branch
10. Basanavičius Client Service Subdivision
11. Šiauliai Branch
12. Klaipėda Branch
13. Laukininkai Client Service Subdivision





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