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Exchange Rates

If the cash amount of exchanged foreign currency exceeds EUR 3 000, client is required to submit a personal identification document.


In many branches of bank you can buy or sell the foreign currencies: JPY - Japanese yen, HUF - Hungarian forint, CNY - Chinese yuan, HRK - Croatian kuna, TRY - Turkish lyre, BGN - Bulgarian lev, ILS - Israeli shekel, RON - Romanian leu.

Select the bank branch, customer service department or sub-section:

TitleQuantityIn CashTransferOfficial
AUD AUD11.5821.5061.56071.51451.5503
BGN BGN11.9881.832001.9558
BYN BYN12.4122.221002.3745
CAD CAD11.5571.4811.53481.4911.5092
CHF CHF11.1921.1391.18021.14921.1647
CNY CNY18.1757.241007.7692
CZK CZK126.0724.5426.01925.2525.65
DKK DKK17.6537.2817.53747.3227.4431
GBP GBP10.9040.860.88960.86510.879
HRK HRK17.6697.068007.5505
HUF HUF1319.6294.500314.36
ILS ILS14.2393.74004.1607
JPY JPY1136.6126134.71130.73132.99
NOK NOK110.0529.5649.91039.61739.8253
PLN PLN14.2554.0874.29254.15734.2146
RON RON14.7514.336004.6325
RUB RUB172.4466.9271.77466.91969.1283
SEK SEK110.2059.7110.07829.78049.906
TRY TRY14.6354.14004.5242
USD USD11.2071.1541.19551.16011.1736
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A commission fee applies to each currency purchase or sale transaction in cash, which is specified in a Cash Transactions Information Sheet in all units.


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