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Medicinos Bankas provides services of leasing (financial leasing): it buys an object of your selection and transfers it for your use. After you pay all the leasing instalments, the object shall become your property.


Advantages of leasing:

  • You no longer need to save for a long time and wait until you will have the required amount to purchase the desired item;
  • You can acquire and start using an object after paying only a portion of its value;
  • Mortgage of any additional assets is not required;
  • You can select agreement period, regularity of instalments and amount of the initial instalment.


Object of leasing – cars.


Leasing conditions:

  • Agreement period: up to 72 months;
  • Down payment is from 15 % of purchased estate value.


Additional conditions:

  • At the end of the lease agreement, the passenger cars  shall be no older than 15 years;
  • The minimum amount is Eur 3 000;
  • The property must be insured in insurance company acceptable to the Medicinos Bankas.


How to conclude a leasing agreement?

If you have decided to take a leasing, please call the information line and arrange for a meeting with a Bank specialist, fill in the application (in lithuanian) and arrive at the nearest Bank's branch, customer service division or subdivision for a consultation.


Standard Example for the Calculation of Annual Percentage Rate of the Total Cost of Consumer Credit:

Suppose that the leasing amount is EUR 5 000, the leasing period is 5 years (60 months), fixed interest rate of 4,5 % is applied, and the leasing agreement fee is EUR 90. The leasing is repaid using the annuity method. The first instalment is paid exactly one month from the date of entering into the agreement. In this case, the total amount of the leasing is EUR 5 682,89, the total annual percentage rate of the total cost of consumer credit is 5,911 %, and the monthly instalment is EUR 93,22. Annual percentage rate of the total cost of consumer credit was calculated in the context of the following assumptions: the entire leasing is paid to the customer on the date of signing the leasing Agreement; instalments are paid free of charge, by depositing funds for repayment of the credit in cash into the customer’s own account held with the Bank; account maintenance fee does not apply; leasing interest rate and other charges will remain the same as in the initial stage and will be applied until the end of the leasing Agreement; the leasing will be repaid in line with the terms specified in the Credit Agreement.

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