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Ria money transfers


Ria was founded in 1987 and is today the third largest money transfer company in the world. The company makes money transfer services quickly, reliably and safely. Now serving more than 300 000 locations in 146 countries. Ria’s mission is to be the most progressive money transfer company in the world, offering a service of excellence and the most competitive and reliable remittance payment services to their customers.


How to receive Ria money transfer?

  • Visit the nearest division of  Medicinos Bankas, offering Ria money transfer service.
  • Provide a valid identity document.
  • Sign the consent to process personal data.
  • Specify Ria money transfer number (depending on the sender’s choice, funds can be sent to Medicinos bank and withdrawn in euros, GBP or US dollars).
  • Withdraw the transferred funds within 21 calendar days after the transfer. Should the recipient fail to withdraw the funds, they will be returned to the sender.
  • The transfers are available only for the persons of full legal age.


You can check the status of remittances on the RIA website



How to make Ria money transfer?

  • Visit the bearest division of Medicinos Bankas, offering Ria money transfer service.
  • Present a valid identity document.
  • Present correct details of the beneficiary collecting Ria transfer, currency of the transfer (EUR or USD, depending on the sender’s choice) and the amount.
  • You can perform money transfers even if you do not have an account in Medicinos Bankas.
  • Sign the Permission to Process Personal Details.
  • The service can be used by adults only.


Application for transfer

Notice of changing beneficiary's requisites for transfer

Application for transfer cancellation without opening an account


Medicinos bankas Branches and Divisions and most of Subdivisions provide Remittances services.


You can find out more information about the transfer service on the Ria website.

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