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Reserve Fixed-Term Deposits

Reserve fixed-term deposit is a fixed-term deposit for natural persons including a possibility, when the deposit is kept in the bank for more than 30 calendar days, to cash out a portion of the deposit during the remaining period of keeping the deposit in the bank, but leaving a balance not lower than minimum deposit amount.


Conditions of reserve fixed-term deposits:

•  Minimum deposit period – 3 months;
•  Maximum deposit period – 6 months;
•  Minimum amounts of fixed-term deposits: 100 EUR, 100 USD or 100 GBP;
•  Number of cash-outs of portions of the reserve fixed-term deposit is not limited, but it cannot be more frequent than once per day.

The interest rates for reserve fixed-term deposits.


How to open a reserve fixed-term deposit account? 

If you wish to open a reserve fixed-term deposit account, please arrive at the nearest bank branch, customer service centre or subdivision. To open a reserve fixed-term deposit account one must have a bank account in the bank.
Making a reserve fixed-term deposit (concluding a deposit agreement) is also possible in the internet banking system.


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