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VAT Refund


Foreign tourists are entitled to refund value - added tax for purchased products taken away from Lithuania. VAT refund can also be used by Lithuanian tourists abroad. Larger stores offer this service all over the world. VAT Refund service in Lithuania is provided by JSC "Global Blue Lietuva" (till 9 February 2010 the name of this company was "GLobal Refund Lietuva") and JSC "Litofolija". Travelers can receive VAT Refund benefits in return for the old Global Refund blanks, for the new Global Blue blanks under the same conditions and for Litofolija Tax Free blanks.


Note: Residents of the European Union (EU) cannot use the VAT refund service in the EU territory.


How One Can Have VAT Refunded?

If you or your partner wants the VAT refund, simply follow the rules and recommendations below.
VAT refund conditions:
Total price of purchase (including VAT) in a store must be Eur 55 at least;
  When leaving from a EU Member State, TAX FREE cheque must be validated in customs office not later than till the end of the 3rd month after the month of purchase;
  The amount refunded to a tourist is equal to VAT, after deduction of administration fee.
To make the process of VAT refund smooth:
A tourist must buy the products in stores marked with Global Blue and Litofolija Tax Free label (more than 2000 stores in Lithuania) and ask for the tax refund cheque and cashier check. Employees of the store will do it gladly;
•  When leaving the EU, the tourist must show his/her purchased products, cheques, cashier checks and passport to customs officers, who will put a stamp on your Global Blue cheque;
•  VAT refund is possible in the nearest money refund point. You can also receive: payment to a specified credit card, bank cheque to a specified address (in some countries, cashing out is also possible after returning home).


You can have your VAT refund for Global Blue blanks in the following Medicinos Bankas departments

Leaving from Lithuania by car or bus to Belarus:
In Medininkai road post, Vilnius - Minsk road;
In Šalčininkai road post, Vilnius - Lyda road;
In Raigardas road post, Vilnius - Grodno road;
In Lavoriškės road post, Vilnius - Polock road.
Leaving from Lithuania by car or bus to Russia
- in Kybartai road post (Kaunas - Kaliningrad road).
Leaving from Lithuania by plain:

In Vilnius international airport;
In Kaunas airport.
Leaving from Lithuania by train
- please ask a customs officer to put a stamp on your Tax Free cheque and later visit any other tax refund point.
After returning to Lithuania and You have stamped Tax Free cheque:

Vilnius, Pamėnkalnio g. 40;
Vilnius, Vokiečių g. 28 / 17-23;
Vilnius, Ozo g. 18 (Shopping center OZAS, II floor in front of PRISMA cash desk);
Vilnius, Ozo g. 25 (Shopping center AKROPOLIS, in front of Ermitažas cash desk);
Vilnius, Vikingų g. 1 (Trade center IKEA);
Vilnius, Vikingų g. 3 (Trade valley IKEA NØRDIKA);
Kaunas, Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49 (Shopping center AKROPOLIS);
Kaunas, Islandijos pl. 32 (Shopping center MEGA);
Klaipėda, Šermukšnių g. 1;
Klaipėda, H. Manto g. 31 (Shopping center IKIUKAS);
Klaipėda, Taikos pr. 61 (Shopping center AKROPOLIS);
Druskininkai, M. K. Čiurlionio g. 107 (Shopping center IKI).


You can have your VAT refund for Litofolija blanks in the following Medicinos Bankas departments

Leaving from Lithuania by plain:
In Vilnius international airport;
In Kaunas airport;
In Palanga airport.

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