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In the Medicinos Bankas, it is possible to pay the vehicle owner or vehicle control fee and obtain a vignette. Four types of vignettes are offered: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.


Vignettes can be paid up in cash or using a payment order. Customers of the Medicinos Bankas will only need to transfer the funds to the Medicinos Bankas account No. LT847230000944904022.


The following data shall be specified in payment order:
Payee: Medicinos Bankas UAB, 112027077;
Payee’s account: LT847230000944904022.


At the payment purpose, please indicate first name and last name of the person who will take the vignette(s) and the type of the vignettes. Vignette(s) can be taken in the nearest branch of the Medicinos Bankas, where you will need to show a copy of the payment order.


Vignette valid term:

  • Daily vignette is valid for 24 hours from the beginning of specified period, when vignette purchase cash desk receipt is produced. When the receipt is not produced, vignettes shall be valid till 12:00 PM of the specified day;
  • Weekly vignette is valid for a week (seven days), till 12:00 PM of the last day;
  • Monthly vignette is valid for a month (30 days), till 12:00 PM of the last day;
  • Yearly vignette is valid for 12 months from the specified date, till 12:00 PM of the last day of the last month: from the marked date + 12 month - 1 day (example: from 2015-01-31 to 2016-01-30 inclusive).


More information here.


How Obtain a Vignette (s)?

To obtain a vignette (s), you should come to the nearest client servicing divisions or branch.

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