Values ​​and strategy

Stable and reliable partner for your financial management!

Our activities

Medicinos bankas is constantly improving and aiming to offer fast financial solutions to the bank customers. We provide all banking services to individuals and businesses. Our relationships are based on mutual respect and tolerance. Every customer is important to us, therefore, we always do our best to advise and find the best solution that suits your needs.


The Bank started to operate on November 24, 1992 in Vilnius. The main office of the bank since 1995 is located at Pamėnkalnio street 40, Vilnius.

We have branches all over Lithuania

Main clients of the bank

  • Small and medium enterprises

  • Farmers

  • Individuals

Our aspirations

Our mission is to help bank customers develop their own business, create value for the bank shareholders and be a sought after employer for bank employees.

Our vision is a profitable and efficient financial institution that has become a trusted financial partner for small and medium-sized businesses, farmers and situations where fast and flexible financial decisions are required.

Our values ​​– attention and care, flexibility and time, professionalism and quality, and sustainable team.

The first internet bank

Bank's shareholders

  • The main shareholder of the bank is Konstantinas Karosas, managing 90,13 % of the bank's shares

  • Western Petroleum Ltd, managing 9.87% of the bank's shares

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