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All banking services for business customers!


  • All financial services you need

  • Possibility to perform all financial transactions

  • Favourable currency exchange rates and transaction fees

  • Access to the Internet bank – 24/7 from anywhere in the world

How to become a customer?

  • Visit our branch

    If you have any questions, please contact a customer manager ([email protected] or +370 5 264 4830)


  • Open a bank account

    Upon submitting a valid identity card or passport, completed, signed and stamped (if any) approved legal person’s questionnaire form, activity description (free form) and other mandatory documents will sign the bank account contract.


  • Get started using the services

    After opening the account, you can use all of the bank's services conveniently


For your convenience!

Once you open an account, you can perform all banking operations remotely through the Internet bank

If you have any questions

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