Internet banking

Save money and time, perform the main banking operations online!


  • Business account management 24/7

  • Payments import from accounting software

  • Access to self-service systems of budget and public institution 

  • Service fees lower than in customer service branches

How can I become the Internet bank user?

  • Become a customer

    Visit our nearest branch and open a bank account


  • Read the rules

    Read the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Services and sign the Online Account Management Agreement 


  • Start using the Internet bank

    Log in to the Internet bank and perform the operations (in case any questions use "Help" tool-tips on pages)


Bank – wherever you need it

More convenient, easier and faster!

  • Log in to the Internet bank to view bank account information, make transfers, pay for services, order specific bank services, etc.

  • You may open deposit agreements online and review savings results at any time.

  • You may facilitate company’s accounting. By logging into Internet bank, import payment files and export account statements.

  • Review credit agreements and plan payments according to provided payment schedule.

Services available to the Internet bank users:

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