Security in digital channels

Learn more about online security risks and read our recommendations

Important. Be cautious!

  • Do not disclose information to other persons

  • Check the links before you click on them

  • Loug out from the system when finished

  • Report any suspicions

Secure login

Authorising transactions

Protection of login details and information

  • Do not share your personal means of identification. If you would like to give your family members or employees the right to manage the funds in your accounts, visit the bank and issue them an official power of attorney. Such individuals will have access to personal or company accounts in their own name, using their personal means of identification – Smart-ID, mobile signature or SMS code. You will be able to revoke these rights at any time. Remember that the Internet Bank offers the opportunity to use services such as electronic government gateway or filing income tax returns to the STI; therefore, the transfer of personal means of identification to third parties gives them unauthorised access to these service portals.

  • If you are using someone else’s computer, refrain from logging in to the Internet Bank. Never enter any personal information on such computers. Malicious software (commonly referred to as viruses) on an untrusted infected computer can record and pass on to third parties your data without your knowledge, and it can be later used in social engineering attacks against you.

The most common fraud scenarios

Suspicious SMS messages

Suspicious emails or calls

Fake online stores or advertisements

Immediately write or call us, if:

  • you have noticed a suspicious transaction on your account,

  • you have received a notification about a changed password, even though you did not make any changes,

  • you have received a notification about a Smart-ID account created in your name, although you did not create the account,

  • you suspect that the details used to log in to your Internet Bank account has become available to other persons,

  • you are contacted by people trying to trick you into disclosing your login details or stealing your money,

  • you have noticed a suspicious or potential security issue in the Internet Bank or mobile banking application.

Do you have any doubts concerning the security? Contact us!

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