What are the documents needed to open an account?

Documents of a legal entity registered in a foreign state to open an account with the bank:

  • Legal entity’s registration certificate

    Registration certificate of the legal entity or, if not available, a registration document confirming the registration (for example, an extract from the registry of the registration of the foreign legal entity, confirming that the foreign legal person is registered in the register) containing the legal person's name, registration address, registration number or other activity validation data. Documents must be submitted to the Bank in Lithuanian, English or Russian, and confirmed with the Apostile certificate.

  • Articles of association of the legal person

    Extract from the Information System of Legal Entities Participants (JADIS) containing information about participants of the legal entity or instrument of incorporation of the legal entity (Articles of Association or other equivalent documents stating the basis on which the legal entity, partnership, body, association or organisation was incorporated).

  • Manager’s documents

    Notarised original power of attorney issued by the legal entity, if the legal entity is represented by an authorised person and not its manager. Original power of attorney that was issued abroad must be certified with an Apostille and drawn up in Lithuanian, English or Russian, or any other language (accompanied by notarised translation into Lithuanian).

  • Beneficiary information

    Information on the beneficiaries of the legal entity (natural person or group thereof).

  • Notarized power of attorney

    Notarized power of attorney issued by the legal person, if the legal person is represented by other than chief executive officer authorized representative. Power of attorney issued by a foreign legal person must have approval certificate (apostille) and be submitted in Lithuanian, English or Russian language, or in other language with notarized translation to Lithuanian language.

  • Identity document

    Identity document of the legal entity’s representative.

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