Please update Client data in the Internet Bank


In order to implement the Know Your Client principle laid down in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, Medicinos Bankas UAB has introduced the latest technical solutions which allow efficiently submitting and updating Client Forms.

In implementing this principle, the Bank must collect relevant data of all its clients without exception. The client is responsible for the correctness of provided data. Therefore, we ask you to revise the data provided in your Client Form.

From 12 November 2018, the data can be submitted or updated both at a Bank branch and online. It is most convenient to use the Internet Bank for updating the data. If you are not using the Internet Bank, you are welcome to complete the Form at any Bank branch, where you can also request the assistance of customer managers.

All information provided in the Form by the client shall be confidential and carefully protected as provided by law.

If you fail to provide the data
within the given period of time and receive a message that your account has
been blocked, please complete the Client Form and access to your account will
be restored as soon as the Form is saved.

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